Ron Gallo & Naked Giants – Sorry Not Everybody Is You/Age of Information

Ron Gallo Naked Giant

Garage rocker Ron Gallo and Seattle's Naked Giant Release a pair of timeless rock singles

                    Following their tour together this past summer, Ron Gallo and Naked Giant have, together, released two singles that prove rock is alive and well. Sorry Not Everybody Looks Like You, the first song of the pair, flaunts a happy-go-lucky hook while a rebellious, backhanded slough of lyrics shows the artist's contempt towards the red tape and obsessive imagery surrounding popular culture and music. The second song, The Age of Information, is an all around classic song with nostalgic melodies reminiscent of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and even the Rolling Stones. A similar contempt towards popular culture and soulless music is evident as they chant: "In the age of information/we gotta change the radio station!"  Definitely worth a listen!

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