Ruben Young – Rachel Green (ft Hodgy)

ruben young

Ruben Young shouts out to all the OG 90s crushes..

            Toronto singer-songwriter Ruben Young throws it all the way back to the golden age of sitcoms, the 90s. Rachel Green aka Jennifer Aniston was America's girl next door and definitely something that reached Ruben up in Canada. Teaming up with Odd Future member Hodgy, Ruben Young's latest single by the same name pays homage to "Rachel Green" from Friends. What began as a studio session gone wrong between Ruben Young and Hodgy ended up as one of his most naturally recorded tracks mixing Young's smooth and clean R&B with Hodgy's laid back reference-laden lyrics. "Rachel Green" follows up Young's other 2018 release "My House" and his 2017 break out song "Bad Habits."

Expect more music from Young in the coming months, but for now listen to the track below and find it on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist. 

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