Russ builds to the hype over “Best on Earth” with new visuals


Russ adds to the hype for his latest single with visuals..

             American rapper Russ has been at it for some time dropping music by himself, inspired by rappers who did it all by themselves. Work ethic is Russ' middle name and it's paying off with his recent accolades. Russ won the award of a lifetime, and no it wasn't a Grammy or a streaming record, but hella praise from Rihanna. Russ' latest single "Best On Earth" featuring BIA has led to Rihanna coming out and saying it's her favourite song leaving Russ without words. Now he builds to the hype and drops the visuals to his iconic song with BIA, which you can watch below.

Find "BEST ON EARTH" on our City Soundcheck Playlist via Spotify.

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