RY X lets off a powerful whisper with new album + standout track “Foreign Tides”


RY X has one of the best albums out right now..

              Australia-born and LA-based singer RY X was first introduced to me after he appeared as a recommended artist after listening to Bon Iver and the similarities could not be more apparent. They instil the same sense of hope and pensiveness in your psyche. Although his vocals may be delicately delivered, they're as powerful as a Christina Aguilera solo. The proper way to get into RY X is by listening to his breakout single "Berlin;" a simple representation of his atmospheric vocals. The LA-based singer now follows his 2016 album Dawn, with his latest album released last month titled, Unfurl. It features RY X's return with some of the smoothest melancholy out right now. It's one of the best albums out right now with tracks such as "YaYaYa," "Bound" and the standout "Foreign Tides." You can watch the video for "Foreign Tides" below, which put his atmospheric vocals on display with some equally as amazing spots on Earth. 

You can find "Foreign Tides" and other tracks off Unfurl on our Melancholy Love Sounds playlist via Spotify.

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