SAINt JHN – Some Nights

saint jhn

SAINt JHN keeps his consistency alive with "Some Nights"..

          SAINt JHN's consistency is yet to die since his first breakout single "1999" and then following it up with the emotional banger "Roses." He adds new single, "Some Nights" to his moody catalog and what I call R&B Trap. Though SAINt JHN has a small catalog of music, every song is good so you know when someone takes the aux cord and plays SAINt JHN it's going to be a banger. The cover art is fire too, with half his face cropped off to focus on the silk dress shirt all in lo-fi quality.

Stream "Some Nights" below via Soundcloud. The song has yet to drop on Spotify, but as soon as it does you'll find it on the City Soundcheck playlist.  

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