San Cisco – The Water

san cisco
san cisco

San Cisco bring the psychedelia to indie pop..

Stand out Tracks: "Hey, Did I Do You Wrong," "Waiting For The Weekend"

Release Date: May 5th, 2017

A psychedelic trip on a sunny day surrounded by your best friends. That is what I would describe the feel to this 10-track album titled, "The Water" would be. Without any features, San Cisco prove that they are worthy enough to produce a third full-length album. Their unique sound and colourful hooks get you through the album making the 10-tracks feel like 5. The blend of genres make this album attractive to indie, folk, pop, soul and psychedelic rock fans.

The album opens up with 'Kids are Cool,' that introduces a soulful and indie pop sound that you can almost do the swing to. The second track on the project is titled, "Sunrise" honing a very catchy and easy to remember hook that is sure to have the crowds singing along right with them. This is another up-beat song and I can't help but compare it to a song that Foster The People would make; in other words saying that it has a catchy sound filled with harmonies leading up to the chorus. San Cisco keep the drummer busy with a continues drum beat that continues throughout 'The Boy.' 'The Distance' is where you start seeing the MGMT comparisons bringing in psychedelia to their music with some words from verses being stretched out (eg baybeeyyyyy) almost as if to let the music sink in. "Hey, Did I Do You Wrong," is one of the stand out tracks and the single of the album that's about two people growing apart. The calm guitar strums resemble Mac Demarco's signature trebly ringing that is the jangle pop. The psychedelic sound continues on with 'Waiting For The Weekend,' an ode to the party drug molly. The pop melodies are present here for the chorus with a psychedelic feel that dominates the song keeping you stoked for the weekend. The album gets up-beat once again with a song ironically called, 'SloMo.' San Cisco take it back to alternative rock on the songs, 'The Water' and 'Did You Get What You Came For' switching up their sound for the end of the album. San Cisco close their album with the song, 'Make Me Electrify' which brings the new wave sound mixing electronic music with rock and some funk. Depeche Mode would be proud of them for closing the album in this way. I came for the easy-listen that is indie pop, but stayed for the psychedelic rock moments that I think were the highlights of the album. Still a dope project.


"A fresh and mellow good time"


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