Serious Klein proves he’s a problem in latest single “Coochie Money”

serious klein

Serious Klein's MC name is making more sense by the release..

            German rapper Serious Klein is making the most of his heavy co-signs by releasing banger after banger with his latest single "Coochie Money" being his most confident release yet. The Germany-based English rapping MC follows up his tracks; "Boy Boy" and "91 Flex" by pairing his latest release with a cinematic music video that covers religion, money and his explosive come-up. Klein's debut album is definitely one of the most anticipated projects following Kendrick Lamar's path of a 90s hip-hop mentality with a modern take; creating his own lane. With support from RevoltIndie ShuffleCOLORSMajestic Casual and no doubt from City Soundcheck, Serious Klein is next up for European rappers taking over the mainstream (just like Skepta). Klein's explosive delivery is unmatched as he presents more than just bars, but identity in "Coochie Money."

Check out the visuals below and find "Coochie Money" on our City Soundcheck playlist.

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