Serious Klein – “Should’ve Known” (ft. Roméo Testa)


Serious Klein's latest single is a bouncy summertime anthem that's worth your attention..

            The come up for Serious Klein continues as he drops another single ahead of his upcoming debut album set to drop October 19th. The Germany-based rapper who hails from Ghana demands attention with this latest track. With an instrumental produced by Rascal, "Should've Known" boats a blissful acoustic guitar intro and an infectious main groove.

Although the overall sound of the track is warm and summery, Klein's lyrical content covers some dark subjects. He covers such issues as the death of his father, poverty, and racial injustice. The feature from singer/songwriter Roméo Testa reminds us to stay optimistic while providing some excellent vocal work. The balance between the playful instrumental and the serious songwriting gives "Should've Known" a unique edge. Comparisons can be drawn to artists like Chance The Rapper as both artists boast powerful songwriting and a general theme of holding onto hope even in times of uncertainty.

"Should've Known" follows three previously released tracks. "Boy Boy" "91 Flex" and "Coochie Money" and the addition of this latest track proves that Klein is a highly talented and exciting MC who's strong 2018 has yet to reach its peak. Find Serious Klein's latest single right on our City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify.

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