SYML – Everything All At Once


Seattle's rising voice delivers his debut album..

               SYML was never supposed to be a long term project that started with adored tracks "Where's My Love" and "Clean Eyes," but evolved into a full fledge career for the Seattle singer. The overwhelming support over the years eventually drove him to drop his self-titled debut album SYML. Named after the Welsh word for "simple," it translates right into his music sharing a simple message, a simple feeling on every track. One of the stand out tracks is one of the last on the album titled "Everything All At Once" that shares a feeling most of us have felt at one point in our lives. The 12-track album contains plenty of new music his loyal fans will welcome with open arms and new music that will have new fans pouring in. Grab tickets to his show at the Imperial here on August 16th.

Stream his full album here or stream "Everything All At Once" below and find his songs on our Melancholy Love Sounds playlist via Spotify.

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