Tacofino Ocho – Dine Dom


8 East 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 2W7


5/5 stars

Tacofino Ocho is the business. I've never felt such a synonymous feeling with not being able to control the fluidity of my arms combining four separate dishes into one mega bite. For example, if you order a couple squid tacos, side bean dip & guacamole, then combine all that with their shrimp ceviche and add a second guacamole layer. You've created an infrastructure of food so miraculous you'll forget about any problems in your life. You might physically look like a post "My 600-lb Life" relapse subject to your peers, but those people are hating because you're out here spending $40 at The Ocho like the boss Rick Ross of Dade County building a dream with elevators in it. Realistically though, the only reason you can afford going so hard is because it's tax season baby, the one time a year we don't loathe the government. Now is it disrespectful to not individually enjoy each meal as intended? Maybe, but it'll change your life. And if you constantly open your mind to new experiences you'll begin to operate on a Gerald Butler spartan three hundred level. Blasphemy you say? Chaos? This is madness?..... THIS. IS. THE OCHO!



*Shag the Queen*

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