Terell Safadi drops his biographical and thugmotionally-charged “Trap Love And Sex”

terell safadi
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Terell jostles between trap love and heartbreak on new album..

               Vancouver's melancholic weather almost comes hand in hand with heartbreak, but heartbreak can sometimes produce an artist's best work and that seems to be what happened with Vancouver rapper Terell Safadi. Terell has been dropping music for a minute, consistently making noise in Vancouver's hip-hop scene and with that showing growth with every release. Though it was only 4 years ago, Terell is a far ways gone from his "Rumours" days where nowadays he sounds like a mastered version of his demo self. His production is slicker, his lyrics come with experience and with his decorated engineer Jamie Kuse by his side; his trap sound is a love that he shows no sign of losing. Terell's debut album A Night To Remember dropped early last year that included tracks like "Lifestyle" and "All Your Love," which have kept him busy performing all through the year. Opening for acts such as Nelly, Roy Wood$, Ghostface Killah, Pressa and SAINt JHN, Terell now welcomes a tour with Alabama and Shady Records rapper Yelawolf next month, which you can grab tickets to here. Now with his trap love sound established, Terell aims to follow his debut album with his 8-track sophomore album titled Trap Love And Sex.

With the intro track game currently poppin', thanks to Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares back in 2012," Terell begins his album with the title track, "Trap Love and Sex" bringing a bleak and bass-draped intro that defines the true difference between your love and trap love. The album feels like love in the fast lane with "Work" being the ticker or love's time bomb that at any second can implode, but the hustle is always constant. "Temptation$" are every artist's kryptonite and love's biggest enemy, but in this case; it's Terell's hardest track on the album. The highlight off the album is trap love at its most transparent and uncut that's emphasized by the eerie synths and dark melodious flow. His sophomore album includes both singles that Terell dropped in the past few months, which consists of the Chris Antonio-assisted anthem for all the exes, "Come See Me Now." As we have noticed in the past, the R&B influence is deep within Terell's music and it's seen on the mellow "On Your Own," but continues with the heartbreak-ridden "Might Not Make It." It recounts the emotional spiral that happens before the level-headed and muffle sampled cut found in the earlier track. Now the pensive phase in trap love comes with the poppy and a sure to be favourite, "Shotgun," not to mention the Cardi B references that will kill at any show. The album comes to an end with the slow banger, "Like You Mean It," which firmly ties the knot on Terell's biographical and thugmotionally-charged Trap Love And Sex. So check out his album and make sure to get tickets to his show on April 19th at the Harbour Event Centre to get a taste of trap love.