Terell Safadi releases powerful new single “Black History” + interview

terell safadi

Terell Safadi puts on for his city and drops some knowledge on new single..

             Vancouver rapper Terell Safadi is starting off the year strong with the release of his new powerful single "Black History" and a performance of his 2011 viral hit "Black Red Yellow" at a Vancouver Canucks game last night. He became the first black artist to perform at a Canucks game ever; paving the way for other black artists in BC and the west coast! We caught up with Terell with some questions on how his start to 2020 is feeling and how this new single is his most important and personal yet, which you can check out below in full.

His ode to black history month, is paired with a music video that is now live featuring a cameo by the legendary Dutch Robinson of the iconic funk band Ohio Players. The visuals can be seen below, which are directed by Terell himself. Safadi's latest release comes with support from the City of Vancouver for his track that supports awareness for underrepresented voices making Safadi one of the 6 recipients that was granted with that honour. The song covers inequalities that reflect the situation in our neighbouring country USA and awareness of discrimination that even happens in our beloved city. Check out the track below and sit tight for Terell's upcoming releases scheduled for March.

An Interview with Terell Safadi on his new single "Black History" and Canucks performance

By Miguel Bustamante

1. Is the release of “Black History” one of your most meaningful releases to date? What is especially important about this release in comparison to a single like “Black Red Yellow” that gave you a huge boost to your career.

It’s one of the most, if not the most meaningful! It’s the first time that I’ve made a record where I touch on real life current events, and history and take a stand.

At the time it was released, did you think “Black Red Yellow” would land you a performance at a Canucks game?

I had no idea any of that would happen when I wrote it, but as it blew up I saw that it could be a possibility. I thought the chances of that were done. It’s cool they reached out to me about it this year.

3. What type of responsibility do you feel being one of the first black artists to perform at a Canucks game?

My team and I actually confirmed that I AM the first black rapper to perform at a Canucks game.  I feel it’s my responsibility to be my self while keeping it all the way professional and conducting myself in a way that will leave the door open for the next black artists.

4. What was it like having the legendary Dutch Robinson be a part of your music video for “Black History?”

It’s crazy because the vocal sample in the song reminded me of him while I was making it and then in the video he’s lip synching it. It was amazing to have his support with the project, he’s a legend.


5. How thankful are you that you get to call Vancouver home, where many of the issues you speak about in “Black History” are a reflection of our neighbours, USA?

I love Vancouver, this is my birthplace. Yes, most of the issues that I spoke on happen on US soil but it happens to people all around this world who look like me and that’s what this song is about. I’ve experienced the stuff in the song living in Vancouver & BC first hand and people close to me can attest to that. I lived in LA for close to 2 years and when I’m out there, being from Vancouver doesn’t save me from any of the things I talk about in this song.


 6. Lastly, can we expect this single to show up on your next project? If so, how long do we have to wait for the next Terell Safadi record?

This record is a stand alone single it won’t be on any projects. But there is some new drops coming in March so follow me on IG @terellsafadi and stay tuned!