The Belgard Kitchen – Dine Dom

belgard kitchen

55 Dunleavy Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 3A3


4/5 stars

       The entry doors are mythical, almost as if they've been preserved from the tower of Orthanc. A small inkling to the rich oak and mahogany decor Ron Burgundy and the channel 4 news team would be heavily influenced by. All class. Local ingredients from produce to meat. That herd of cows and those chicken coops you used to pass on highway 99 is probably your steak and eggs. Bread and pizza dough perfect enough to make Michael Pollan cream his perfectly creased khakis. And while on the topic of cream, the breakfast parmesan cream adds a level of self indulgence that only liquified cheese can deliver. Your Postmark pints are so fresh they've never left the building. In the end quality can't be beaten, and Belgard presents it on all levels of taste from flavor to design.

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