The Dead Zones showing their true colours in new music video for “Meat Eaters”

the dead zones

Vancouver rock trio establishing themselves with visuals to newest track..

            The Dead Zones are one of Vancouver's true rock n roll band's making ways in the city's music scene. Following the visuals of "Hello Animal" and "Lie Detector" the garage rock trio has recently released their third ever music video, and this one for their latest track "Meat Eaters." The music video's opening moments show the trio in well dressed burgundy suits, ready for business. Shortly after you'll notice that rock n roll isn't like any other business.. the liquor, wine, and smokes soon follow.. and off to work they go. After seeing these beauties live in mid October of last year, and the progression of their work off the stage, there's no question these guys are always on my lookout list of live rock to check out in Vancouver. 

With shows coming up at The Fox Cabaret on April 27th, and at SBC on Hastings on May 10th, you'd be wrong not to check this group out if your into some good 'ol thrash rock. See below the music video for their latest tune "Meat Eaters," and also their Spotify profile for more music.