The Funk Hunters remix U2’s “Love is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way”

the funk hunters

The local Vancouver duo share their remix of U2's single..

            The busiest DJ/producer duo in the city, The Funk Hunters are back with a new remix of U2's single following the release of their new album Typecast, which dropped a couple months ago if you still haven't given it a listen. The Vancouver duo are one of three artist/producers who got featured to remix U2's single, "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way," giving the world a taste of some Vancouver funk. The Funk Hunters share the most mellow version out of the three going down their usual funk-driven electronic sound in comparison to Will Clarke and Daybreakers' much more house/trance electronic route. The Vancouver duo also conserve U2's chorus much better than the rest giving Bono the main stage instead of drowning the track with electronica. The duo are currently on the road with Kelowna being their closest show to Vancouver if you want to make the trip out (Find out their tour dates here).

You can stream their remix of U2's single below and find it on our After Hours playlist via Spotify.

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