The Sunset Kids release their emotional demons with new single “Volcano” + interview

the sunset kids

The Sunset Kids prepare the release of their love story debut..

                Vancouver electro-pop duo The Sunset Kids are one of local 604 Records' most exciting new artists that are preparing the release of their debut album. We got the chance to interview the duo covering everything from the backstory of their name to the structure of their debut album. They explained how it all began in a recording session where the chemistry between singer-guitarist Josh Palmer and Russian-born songwriter Ellaya Zampieri was undeniable making it the most important recording session of their career. The musical bond turned into The Sunset Kids. Since that fateful day, the duo has been hard at work dropping their debut single "Fantasy" and then quickly following it up with "Ocean Clear." Their music represents every step in love whether it's the falling in love, the staying in love, overcoming problems and if it comes to it, the breaking up. Their debut album goes through just that, every emotion and phase in love; honing the title Volcano. After the feeler singles were released, they were ready to drop the title track "Volcano." It's the central song of the whole album, which needed those first song released or couple steps to be shared first before the heart of the album was shared with the world. Listen to "Volcano" below with the video dropping at the end of the month, so be sure to check back here for any updates surrounding Vancouver's very own, The Sunset Kids.

Check out the full interview with The Sunset Kids below!

An Interview with The Sunset Kids

By Miguel Bustamante

1. According to Spotify your debut album will be titled ‘Volcano.’ What made you wait until your third release to drop the title track rather than introduce your sound with it?

We wanted to make it very special. “Volcano” is one of the central songs of the whole album, so it couldn’t be the first one, we wanted to give everyone a taste of who we are and build towards this special release. Every song on the album tells one little story that eventually makes the whole puzzle complete, so you can see the bigger story. The development of the feelings, the struggle, the doubts and the love towards the one in action through the sequences of songs.

2. The title track usually sets the tone to the rest of the album. Will your whole debut continue the theme of heartbreak and the different emotions associated?

 The album is written as one story, falling in love, staying in it, overcoming difficulties, breaking-up, seeking the light. We would not say the song Volcano necessarily sets the tone for the rest of the album, but rather that its a pivotal point of the first big emotional eruption that perhaps all relationships inevitably come across.


3. What is the backstory surrounding your name, ‘The Sunset Kids?’

When we started the project all that we cared about was the music. We dove into the process of writing and producing without paying enough attention to the title of the band – but, eventually, the name found us. One day we were talking about astrology or something like that and tried to figure out what time of the day we were both born. I said to Josh that I was born on the Sunset hour and he said: “No way, me too. We are the sunset kids huh?”. That we continue talking and out of nowhere we just paused and looked at each other. There was no need for discussion. We both felt it, we actually are the sunset kids J

4. What’s the advantage in coming together as a duo rather than pursuing solo careers?

Collaboration, support and so much more. When it’s a perfect match why not be a duo. At the end of the day it is all about music and working together to make it the way you hear it in your head.

5. I noticed you are signed under 604 Records, are they going to be setting up a Canadian tour once your debut album hits the streaming services and how did you end up with them?

We are local to Vancouver and we could not be happier to be a part of such an amazing local label as 604. Yes, absolutely shows and tours are in progress. For all the fans that are waiting for upcoming shows and tours, we can only say thank you for your patience and excitement because soon we will be in your city playing just for you!!! J