The Velveteins uncover an old film camera for their “All Night Baby” visuals

the velveteins

The Velveteins visit Vancouver for new visuals..

              Formerly from Edmonton, Canada, The Velveteins have been around searching for inspiration from the beaches in Australia to the forest-filled beaches of Vancouver Island. The Psychedelic Indie band proudly describe their music as the bridge between the "bright psychedlia of the 1960s" and the "indie rock explosion of the new millenium." Their latest album Slow Wave, features the cut "All Night Baby," with the visuals filmed in Vancouver. Sit back and have a beer to some The Velveteins.

You can watch the video below that was shot with director Henry Acteson's old film camera and check out the rest of the album below. Find "Spanish Wine" and "All Night Baby" on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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