Toronto alternative artist Bad Child proves he’s one to watch with debut releases + visuals

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Bad Child is an alternative sound in a contemporary R&B city..

               Toronto has become a melting pot for all walks of R&B sounds making it the perfect city for 21 year old alternative singer/artist Bad Child to fully develop his creativity and young sonic personality. With direct comparisons that already include Alt-J and Glass Animals, Bad Child is off to a great start with only two releases out to this day garnering over 200,000 streams between them both. I'd like to add that he brings a more electronic, but still grungy Allan Rayman comparison that blends his sound into a whirl wind of alternative craze. Bad Child's controlled insanity is best heard on his first release "Payback," which was released with a psychedelic video to further emphasize the crazy trip Bad Child creates. His emotionally broken "rally cry" as described by his director of photography, Kostadin Kolev, reflects his debut self-titled track "BAD CHILD" proving that everyone has a 'bad child' within them, some just don't suppress it. Expect more new music from the young singer with a focus on art as well as his music who aims to keep new releases coming in February.

You can find both videos for his releases "Payback" and "BAD CHILD" below or stream them via our The AM Sound playlist.


“A retro future coming of age story, unpacking the way people find purpose in their lives.”


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