VALLEY – Closer To The Picture


Toronto's most refreshing and newest band are making music for the outcasts..

           The Toronto band compromised of the foursome; Rob (vocals), Mike (guitar), Alex (bass), and Karah (drums) are making music for the outcasts; keeping their music mostly uptempo with deep and touching undertones. Bringing a similar cheery sound to Foster The People or Empire of the Sun, the alternative band known as VALLEY share their latest single with visuals (which you can check out below). The single titled "Closer to the Picture" is described as a song about the person at the party who hangs out with the dog while over thinking every interaction within the party. The music video for their single perfectly illustrates that thought labelling the different type of individuals who attend parties from the "old friend" to the "chatterbox." Their biggest song to date is their 2016 track titled, "Swim" off their self-written and produced album This Room is White. Expect more good music from this young new band as they prepare their follow-up project.

Stream "Closer to the Picture" below and check out the music video for the uptempo single. You can also find their latest single on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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