Vancouver finds solace in local folk singer Zach Kleisinger’s latest releases via Park Sound Studio

zach kleisinger

With Winter approaching, don't spend it without Kleisinger..

               Prairie-born folk singer Zach Kleisinger left the kilometres of flat terrain for Vancouver's moody climate and roaring mountains; only to gift us his music which boasts two EPs with the anticipation of his debut album beckoning. His measured deep voice leaves his audience reflective with each individual gasping for the meaning of life. His voice is described as "soaked in sorrow" bringing a similar sound to Iron & Wine and incorporating the same long reflective pauses like Cigarettes After Sex; conceding to one's unique interpretation of the moment. His latest releases include "You Should Hold Me" and the recent "Lower Your Book" showing that beauty breaks through true vulnerability. Kleisinger's most streamed track to date is "Feelings Like This" from his acclaimed 2018 EP I Hope It's Calm, Then that has accumulated more than 250k streams. The Vancouver-based singer faces a busy second half of 2019 with a western Canada tour coming up and UK/European tour to finish it off. Having recently performed at MRG Concerts' coveted Westward Music Festival, the young folk singer had the opportunity to play his most recent single "Lower Your Book" which you can watch a live performance below at Monarch Studios. You can catch Kleisinger at his local Park Sound Studio performing live on October 26th (Grab tickets here).

Find "Lower Your Book," "Feelings Like This" and "You Should Hold Me" on our Muse Love Sounds playlist via Spotify.

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