Victoria’s The Cranmores release their 00’s alt-rock-inspired debut EP ‘Burning Glorious’

the cranmores

Don't stress if you missed the 2000s, they're back with a debut EP...

             Victoria alt-rock band The Cranmores introduce their sound to the world with their debut EP Burning Glorious. The independent band was founded by singer/musician Miles Pierron who got the ball rolling with the recording of this EP and like every singer before him, next step was to form a band. Quickly after a band was formed, adding a lead guitarist, bass, keys and the almighty important drums they got to work on their live sound. Their sound is influenced from the alt-rock 2000s, but join the likes of Current Swell, Head and the Heart, and Camarano in bringing this laid back, but songwriting-focused music. You can feel the fresh island air in "No Cries or Nothin'" while on the title track you can hear a fresh new band enjoying the come up and simply the beginning of a journey that is far from over. Listen to the full EP below.

You can find tracks from Burning Glorious on our Burn Slow Vibes and Muse Love Sounds playlists via Spotify.

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