We found Vancouver’s funk & interviewed them: Meet Schwey


Schwey aim to get Vancouver up and out of their seat with their debut album..

               We interviewed Jacob Schwinghammer and Isaiah Dobbs from Vancouver-based funk group Schwey at the end of last year after the release of their second single "Can't Stop (The Groove)." In the interview they described their love for Ru Paul, Roy Ayers, how Bruno Mars may be Isaiah's [musical] son and most importantly their love for funk that started at a young age. We compared their style to the sounds of legendary funk band Ohio Player's "Fire" and Bruno Mars' hit single "24K Magic" because of the way it gets you up off your seat and on the dance floor. It's that funky bass line that isn't so prominent coming out of Vancouver's music scene that puts this young Vancouver group apart from the rest.

Their first single was the slow funk jam titled, "Our Rhythm," which came out back in 2017 that gave the first peak of their funkadelic soul and beginnings of something special. With their focus on capturing instrumentation and groovy elements or simply any sound that gets you moving, Schwey certainly bring a special sound to their home label, 604 Records. Their third and final single dropped on December 7th just before the holidays titled, "Family Shop." It followed the similar funk elements we heard on their second single featuring wavering synths and decisive drums that keep their material addicting and original.

They are a dose of originality to Vancouver's music scene, which is predominantly rock, folk and pop giving Vancouverites a whole new avenue to explore. They're worth the listen and will maybe even get your whitest of friends on to the dance floor. Their debut self-titled album comes out March 15th via 604 Records and will include 7 brand new songs, so make sure to check back at City Soundcheck for the release.

Check out our full interview below and stream two of the singles off the album below that!

An Interview with Vancouver's funk/soul group Schwey

By Miguel B.

- Your funk/soulful sound isn’t something you typically hear from a young group like you guys in this day and age. How did you find a group of guys that were all interested in this type of music?

Jacob: We started hanging out and sharing music in high school so our ears developed together. There’s stuff I never would have heard if it wasn’t for Isaiah’s parents record collection.

- Being Vancouverites, funk and soul isn’t that prominent in our electronic/rock/hip-hop dominated city. Where do you go in the city to get some of that funk/soul fix (Asking for a friend).

Jacob: Every type of music has groovy elements, or there wouldn’t be any reason for people to enjoy it! No specific venue or night but it’s all around us.

Isaiah: funk is in everything that moves

- Funk and soul is something that seems like it got perfected in the past. What do you, as Schwey, think you bring to the genre that is different and exciting?

Jarah: No other funk/soul band has ever binged an entire season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race in one week.

Jacob: Word up. If Roy Ayers could time travel and watch Ru Paul it would be over for us.

- Who are some of the greats you admire in funk and soul that inspire you?

There are too many people that give us that funk/soul inspiration so we’re just gonna name the top 5 as of this week (in no particular order).

  1. Parliament/Funkadelic
  2. DJ Quik
  3. Roy Ayers
  4. Robert Glasper
  5. Lil Uzi Vert

- Listening to “Can’t Stop (The Groove),” I can’t help but hear Ohio Player’s “Fire,” but with the energy of Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic.” Am I correct in thinking they were some of your influencers? I’m seeing a Bruno Mars x The Hooligans type of chemistry in your video.

Jacob: Ohio Players are dope. Bruno Mars definitely shares some influences with us. CSTG is a simple song though. It’s just us, a live band, doing a Slum Village style track where the bass line is literally the hook.

Isaiah: I think Brunos my son…

- “Our Rhythm” and “Can’t Stop (The Groove)” are two very distinct songs. What made you want to step up the energy from your first release?

Isaiah: It just goes to show the complex range of emotions we’re all going through

Jacob: Come see us live 🙂

You currently have two songs out on Spotify. How many more releases can we expect until your debut album?

Isaiah: We have a single dropping on December 7th!!! You can watch the lyric video on youtube but now you’ll be able to stream it! <3

- I was briefed that you are set to open for Hey Ocean in December. Any other shows you have planned before the year ends or maybe even a tour in 2019?

Isaiah: After this show we’re gonna focus on getting our album out, keep your eyes peeled for more shows in 2019

Thank you for your time Schwey and glad to see some quality funk/soul coming out of our city. Hope to see you around Vancouver soon.

Thank you!!! <3