XO – Calan Mai

calan mai

"Not Your Grandfather's Folk Music" - Rolling Stone

                     With the release of his latest single "XO", Australian folk-pop artist Calan Mai is making waves in the folk world. In a world where emotions are expressed via emojis, instagram likes, and the occasional "xo" at the end of a text, Calan Mai explains you need no validation to be happy. Just take more time to enjoy living in the moment and there will be no need for further 'likes'. At only age 27, the Australian is on the verge of becoming a top folk-pop artist. "XO" is just the start of what Calan Mai has in store, as he will be releasing additional content this year as well as an official music video for his most recent single. 

Check out Calan Mai's newest single on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist on Spotify, or below via Youtube.

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