Zacari drops the video to “Midas Touch” + announces EP


TDE has something special with Zacari..

               Undoubtedly the next big thing in R&B, TDE's newest singer Zacari finds his dark side with his latest single, "Midas Touch." Known for his angelic chorus on Kendrick Lamar's fan favourite "LOVE.," Zacari changes his tone and sound on this darker release. Fame isn't for everyone and it seems like Zacari has realized how fame changes people singing, "Hollywood has made me so much colder." His first release of the year was the R&B/pop track "Don't Trip," which sounds like extension of his collab with Kendrick Lamar killing it with his now famous falsetto vocals. Listen to his latest single below and get to know Zacari's darker side. Watch the full video below filled with wolves, which is also a big theme on his upcoming EP Run Wild Run Free out March 15th.

You can find "Midas Touch" on our The AM Sound playlist via Spotify.

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